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Direct Benefits to You

  • Maximize your odds of landing each job through customized interview performance
  • Bolster your confidence at every step of the WTV™ process
  • Demonstrate high level preparation and professionalism
  • Gain a better understanding of key hiring criteria with our job interview tips
  • Correlate your talking points directly to hiring criteria
  • Differentiate yourself from other candidates (not likely using this approach)
  • Prepare for behavioral interviews via accomplishment story feature
  • Sharpen your ability to think through qualifications carefully
  • Access online portfolio of presentations, follow-up letters and accomplishment stories you can adapt for each future use
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WTV™ empowers you to create your own private, secure portfolio of interview presentations, accomplishment stories and-follow up letters. Your documents are stored securely online for convenient retrieval any time, anywhere.

Developed by recruiting professionals, the WTV system helps you “Market yourself” by generating a interview presentation document that concisely articulates why you should be selected for the opportunity at hand. This process follows a consultative selling approach while focusing on an employer’s needs. It outlines how you, the prospective candidate, will benefit the hiring organization.

Who is WTV™ right for?

Anyone wishing to stand out and be chosen, for any position, in any industry.


  • Template-driven, easy-to-use system for interview preparation
  • Create private online portfolio of interview presentations, accomplishment stories and follow-up letters
  • Printable workbook facilitates presentation development for those wishing to make notes and compose answers offline.
  • Multiple online libraries help develop powerful interview content, including:
  • Strong interview questions which uncover hiring needs
  • Personal branding terms which reinforce your strengths
  • Personal success factors
  • Strategic 30- and 60-day action plans demonstrating a proactive approach
  • A "Why hire me?" summary to solidify fit for the role
"There's was no question that my printed presentation helped me land my current position. Especially, when my interviewer was 3000 miles away. This is just part of what my interviewers had to base my personality on. My manager mentioned to me after I was hired, "after seeing you presentation, how could I not extend you an offer". This presentation complimented my phone interview perfectly. It provided answers to questions interviewers may not always ask. And provides them a more personal picture of the candidate."

Don Runowski, I.T. Manager – now with AT & T

"I am a big fan of WinTheView. I can not say enough about it. It is a great interview presentation tool which I used during my recent job search. The presentations require you to really think about the job you are applying to and your qualifications. The tool is easy to use and the resulting presentation is professional and impressive. In addition, I used the tool to prepare an overview about 'me' and it helped me to present myself to a variety of different audiences."

Susan Wittner, VP of Marketing – now with Eisner LLP

Ways to use WTV™

  • Focus process and thinking on your most compelling key points so as to enter interview situations prepared and confident.
  • Introduce WTV™ as a professional looking printed qualifications summary during the interview to impress the hiring manager and help guide the discussion your way.
  • Create a lasting impression with a printed or emailed "leave-behind" WinTheView™ summary for each hiring team member.
  • Email a WTV™ PDF file immediately after each phone screen interview to increase your chances of earning that coveted face-to-face interview.
  • Email a WTV™ PDF file in advance of each face-to-face interview to facilitate discussion and demonstrate a proactive mindset.
  • Generate a "career summary" presentation, then link its PDF file on your profile via slideshare, so they can find you.

Job interview questions

To make a successful job interview - type of questions, sample questions, salary negotiations, interview tips and many more are required to Jobseekers and for Interviewers. For job seekers who have gone on countless interviews these are always stressful. At WinTheView™ we always try to remove the obstacle with our powerful Template driven Interview Presentation tool and a key set of job interview Questions.

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Subscriptions include: Unlimited development of interview presentations, accomplishment stories and follow-up letters. When complete, simply generate the PDF file which you will use to beat the competition and “WinTheView.” Your private files are then stored securely for use with each future career advancement opportunity.

Call Ken Diamond at 215-948-3722 or email for detailed pricing or to arrange a demonstration of this powerful online system.
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