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Direct Benefits to You

  • Filter the talent pool to select real A Players from Posers and the rest
  • Provide selection tools for hiring managers with limited interviewing experience
  • Preview candidates':
  • Ability to assimilate pertinent information and present ideas
  • Ability to articulate skills and accomplishments relevant to your hiring criteria
  • Communication style and presentation skills
  • Willingness to prepare for your career opportunity
  • Sense of urgency and interest
  • Personal attributes and motivation points
  • Ideas on projected 30- and 60-day action plans
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Interview Preparation for Recruiters

WTV™ was developed by highly experienced recruiters as a dual purpose candidate selection and interview preparation tool, to help synchronize "best fit" decisions for both hiring companies and the candidates they desire. The process requires candidates to invest time in organizing, formulating and communicating their skills and accomplishments as directly related to your hiring criteria. It also requires them to elaborate on additional areas of expertise, specific career achievements, personal success factors, a 30-/60-day action plan, and a summary of why they should be selected for the position.
Discover early on if a candidate truly “gets it” about company, position, culture.

Features for Your Clients

  • Template-driven, easy-to-use system for interview preparation
  • Create private online portfolio of interview presentations, accomplishment stories and follow-up letters
  • Printable workbook facilitates presentation development for those wishing to make notes and compose answers offline.
  • Multiple online libraries help develop powerful interview content, including:
  • Strong interview questions which uncover hiring needs
  • Personal branding terms which reinforce your strengths
  • Personal success factors
  • Strategic 30- and 60-day action plans demonstrating a proactive approach
  • A "Why hire me?" summary to solidify fit for the role
"I was first introduced to WTV by a candidate I had recently hired. Most candidates come to the interview with a resume and a list of questions. This one came in prepared with a presentation that differentiated him from all others. He had a thorough knowledge of the position and showed me he had the ability to succeed with our company. I hired him after that interview, and would encourage any candidate interviewing here to come with a WTV presentation."

Brian Janos, Regional Sales Manager, Fortune 100 company

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WinTheView offers special pricing for hiring companies with bundled pricing or monthly pricing options depending upon anticipated usage.

Call Ken Diamond at 215-948-3722 or email for detailed pricing or to arrange a demonstration of this powerful online system.
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