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Direct Benefits to You

  • Boost sales and profits by providing unique new services
  • Differentiate service offering with an innovative, leading edge preparation & presentation tool
  • Increase each client's odds of landing a job sooner by “standing out” in the interview process
  • Provide an excellent online coaching and collaboration platform to help clients compete
  • Enrich client experience via template-driven system providing online, user-friendly dashboard
  • Provide all clients with online subscriptions for a reasonable monthly investment
  • Realize excellent value with compelling ROI
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Interview Preparation

The WinTheView™ online interview tool helps each of your clients to “nail” the interview and land the job offer through a proactive, innovative approach to interviewing.

Clients experience a rational process of building a template driven presentation-style document prior to the interview. This approach summarizes critical success criteria and directly correlates their skills and accomplishments to identified hiring requirements.

Who is WTV™ right for?

Any candidate wishing to stand out and be chosen, for any position, in any industry.

Features for Your Clients

  • Template-driven, easy-to-use system for interview preparation
  • Create private online portfolio of interview presentations, accomplishment stories and follow-up letters
  • Printable workbook facilitates presentation development for those wishing to make notes and compose answers offline.
  • Multiple online libraries help develop powerful interview content, including:
  • Strong interview questions which uncover hiring needs
  • Personal branding terms which reinforce your strengths
  • Personal success factors
  • Strategic 30- and 60-day action plans demonstrating a proactive approach
  • A "Why hire me?" summary to solidify fit for the role
"At Distinctive Career Services, we make (WTV) interview preparation and presentation tools available to virtually all our professional, management, and executive clients. This unique, innovative service provides tremendous value to them at a very reasonable monthly investment to us. WTV’s easy-to-use, step-by-step process enables our clients to prep for the interview process independently, providing them a true differentiator--a real means to “stand out” among multitudes of job seekers vying for the same position. WTV also deploys easily to our clients, who then enjoy impeccable support from the WTV team. Plus, WTV is totally in sync with our strategic objective to provide distinguished services and earn respect for our attention to quality. I strongly recommend it for career experts as a valuable add-on to their services, and also to individuals as an innovative tool for crafting and promoting one's personal brand."

Michelle Dumas, President, Distinctive Career Services, LLC

"As a career consultant I am always looking for methods to improve the quality and positive outcomes of my work with job seekers. WinTheView has been a fantastic tool for my practice. Creating an easy-to-use, interactive process by which my clients can identify their accomplishments as well as functional and personal strengths is wonderful. I have long believed that the value an individual brings to a company, rather than their job description, is what should be highlighted in the job search. Now I have a method for extracting this from candidates immediately and building from there. I have used the software with great success. This tool empowers candidates by facilitating excellent conversation skills as they build their personal presentation for potential employers."

Jo Leonard, Career consultant

Your Clients May Use WTV™ to:

  • Focus process and thinking on the most compelling key points so as to enter interview situations prepared and confident.
  • Introduce WTV™ as a professional looking printed qualifications summary during the interview to impress the hiring manager and help guide the discussion favorably.
  • Create a lasting impression with a printed or emailed "leave-behind” WinTheView™ summary for each hiring team member.
  • Email a WTV™ PDF file immediately after each phone screen interview to increase the chances of earning that coveted face-to-face interview.
  • Email a WTV™ PDF file in advance of each face-to-face inter view to facilitate discussion and demonstrate a proactive mindset.
  • Generate a "career summary" presentation, then link its PDF file on their profile via slideshare.
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WinTheView offers special pricing for outplacement firms, career consultants and resume writers, with bundled pricing or monthly pricing options depending upon anticipated usage.

Call Ken Diamond at 215-948-3722 or email for detailed pricing or to arrange a demonstration of this powerful online system.
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