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WinTheView (WTV) provides the ability to upload and store your resumes (up to 5) securely along with your other career documents including WTV generated Career Accomplishment Stories, Elevator Pitches, Interview Presentations, and Follow up Letters. All of your work documents will be saved and available with an active WTV subscription. The ability to store your resume securely on the WTV site provides peace of mind in knowing where to find your resume and one central on-line facility to access and manage your career documents.

WTV can direct you to a certified resume writer should you need assistance tweaking or developing a powerful resume from scratch. Please email kjdiamond@wintheview.com or call 215-948-3722 with a request for an appropriate resume writer.

For access to experienced resume writers, please visit the following websites:

Download White Paper from Career Thought Leaders - 2010 Global Brainstorming Day Trends for the Now, the New & the Next in Careers

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