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BUILD A POWERFUL CUSTOMIZED ONLINE PORTFOLIO to show the hiring team specifically why you are the best candidate and nail the job offer!

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The WTV online portfolio feature gives you the ability to build a customized web page that clearly communicates who you are and highlights the skills and accomplishments you bring to the table. It also addresses key concerns for hiring managers and recruiters so you can make their job easy in selecting you and advancing your candidacy. If you don’t yet have a specific opportunity in mind, then use it to create a powerful networking and career branding portfolio.

After you develop the content, you simply select the tabs to be published on your portfolio. The WTV system will generate your own personal URL which you may use as you wish. You may publish a customized and unique online portfolio for each opportunity you wish to pursue.

Content for your online portfolio will come from tools found in the development center of WinTheView including accomplishment story development, interview presentations and an audio or video elevator pitch. Other content may be entered as needed or uploaded from your existing documents to complete your personalized page. You have the option to select which tabs will be published on the page where your build your online portfolio.

What information will you be able to communicate with your on-line profile?

  • Your resume – front and center making it easy to read and download
  • Your customized WinTheView presentation stating why you are a compelling candidate
  • A short video (elevator)pitch to make a powerful impression
  • Your specific career accomplishments developed in the widely recognized STAR format
  • Testimonials that support your career performance and related skills
  • Your supporting documents such as articles, videos, press releases, result charts, etc.
  • Information regarding your career decisions
  • Your compensation history and salary expectations

Here are some ideas and ways to utilize your Personal Online Porfolio:

  • Publish the url on your resume or social media such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and others.
  • Provide to the hiring manager or human resources representative

    o   With your job application

    o   After a phone screen

    o   Prior to a face to face interview

    o   After an interview (interview presentations should be printed and used in the interview as a discussion guide or as a powerful leave behind)

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