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Create your own WinTheView™ Interview Presentation to get hired or promoted NOW!

What is the WTV Interview Presentation Builder?

It is a unique on-line, step-by-step system that walks job candidates through the process of crafting a presentation document that creatively and powerfully communicates their qualifications, skills, personal attributes and motivation to the hiring company. The PDF file it generates may be emailed or printed for use before, during or after the interview to give the job seeker a competitive edge in a crowded job market. Hiring managers and interviewers are typically very impressed, recognizing this approach as creative and highly prepared!

How can WTV be used and when?
In multiple ways! Here are some outcomes benefiting thousands of job candidates who have used WTV to date with great success:

  • Become more confident and better prepared for strong interview performance simply by going through this logical process.
  • Ask permission to share your "summary of qualifications" as a discussion guide. Hiring managers are typically impressed by such a proactive approach and demonstrated preparedness.
  • Create a lasting impression with a printed “leave-behind” WinTheView™ summary for each hiring team member.
  • Email a WTV PDF file immediately after each phone screen interview to increase your chances of earning that coveted face-to-face interview.
  • Email a WTV PDF file in advance of each face-to-face interview to facilitate discussion and demonstrate a proactive mindset.
  • Generate a “career summary” presentation, and link its PDF file on your LinkedIn.com profile via slideshare, so they can find you.

Interview Presentation

Who has used the WTV presentation approach?
Thousands of job candidates in a wide variety of positions have used WTV to achieve a competitive advantage in the job search and interview process. Users have spanned professional level positions, from C-level to entry level.

For what industries can WTV be used?
Virtually all. WTV has been used across multiple industries in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other English speaking countries.

How do I get the information needed to prepare a WTV presentation?
Ask questions and take notes! Your ultimate goal is to uncover the real nuances of the position from the hiring manager. WTV offers excellent leading questions to ask any interviewer up front. In addition to information found on a job description, you’ll want to ask questions (and take notes) to get the critical details in order to build a compelling WTV presentation document. Ask questions such as: What are the “must have attributes” for this role? What does success look like after six months? What are the top 3 challenges that need to be addressed in the first 90 days? What is the desired start date for this role? WTV offers a library of questions on-line in the “key hiring requirements” section and also in the WTV workbook, which can be downloaded from the WTV Development Center.

How long does it take to develop a WTV presentation?
30-60 minutes or more depending upon how much time you wish to invest in bolstering your chances of being selected for the career opportunity. Do you really want this job? If so, it is suggested that you take a first cut at the WTV presentation, come back for a second look, edit and review. Then print it out, practice, write notes on a hard copy, practice again and tweak until satisfied. This process will likely make you the exception, standing out with a tangible document that positions you as proactive, motivated, on point and highly prepared.

Will I actually be making a presentation?
Not necessarily. It is most effectively used to guide your discussion with the interviewer. Follow the lead from the interviewer once you’ve introduced the document.

How will I know if the interviewer is receptive to reviewing the WTV printed presentation?
Ask! An effective way to introduce the WTV document is to ask permission to share it. Example: “I am very excited about this opportunity and have summarized how my skills match with it. Would you mind if I share this with you?” The interviewer will typically say, “Yes, go right ahead,” curious to see what you’ve put together. If “No,” don’t sweat it; the process you went through has optimally prepared you.

Should I build WTV as a formal presentation?
Central to WTV is its second page summary of the key hiring requirements. By all means, review your understanding of these to make sure you are on the right track. Be sure to ask if you’ve covered the key points accurately and if any qualification points have been overlooked. You might also ask each interviewer to rank priorities and requirements, expecting different answers from different members of the hiring team.

How many interview presentations can I make?
Unlimited! Customize many as you wish or need for each particular job opportunity.

Are there help libraries or tips included with the WTV Presentation Builder?
Yes, there are suggestion tips and content libraries throughout the WTV program. The system is designed so individuals can complete the process on their own and does not require advanced technical knowledge. Coaching is available at an hourly investment.

How will I know if the interviewer is positive about WTV?
Simply watch their body language and tone, which job candidates should do in any case. Do not attempt to force the presentation. Let the interviewer lead the interview. WTV is meant to facilitate discussion about the success attributes needed for the job. It will help you cover the points you wish to communicate and keep the discussion relevant.

Is this a reformatted resume?
Absolutely not! This is a customized proposal on why you (the job candidate) are an excellent fit for the career opportunity. It includes your personalized brand identity, a summary of key hiring attributes, relevant industry skills and career accomplishments, personal success factors, a short-term action plan of what you’ll do in the first quarter, insightful questions, and a summary of why you should be hired.

How should I get it printed and how should it look?
It’s most effective printed on a quality color printer and spiral bound with a clear cover. The on-line application has links to print service providers such as FedEx Office, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max and Mimeo. It could be printed on most home office printers, then taken to a facility to be bound.

Who came up with the concept of the WTV Interview Presentation Builder?
Ken Diamond, a former sales management professional, sales trainer and marketing expert who is currently President of a successful executive search firm. Leveraging his “consultative sales training,” Ken used a flipchart presentation in an interview back in 1989 to “seal the deal” and was selected over numerous highly qualified candidates. His search firm (www.digital-action.com) has used the WTV presentation since 1998 with such success that Ken decided to develop the concept as a web-based tool and make it available across the Internet.

What are some of WTV’s benefits to the job seeker?
  • Bolsters confidence just by going through the WTV process
  • Demonstrates high level of preparation and professionalism
  • Helps to gain a better understanding of the key hiring criteria
  • Correlates candidate talking points directly to hiring criteria
  • Differentiates candidate from competitors not likely using this approach
  • Prepares job seeker for behavioral interviews via accomplishment story feature
  • Makes job seeker think through qualifications carefully
  • Accesses online portfolio of presentations, follow-up letters and accomplishment stories for easy future use


Does WTV offer interview coaching?
Yes, through our network of career experts, typically on an hourly basis. Email kjdiamond@wintheview.com or call 215-948-3722 for more information.

Can I access my files in the future?
Yes, simply renew your subscription at a very reasonable investment and all interview presentations, accomplishment stories, follow-up letters and Elevator Pitches will be available to you.

How successful has the WTV Presentation Builder been for job candidates?
Great question, and one which only successful job hunters who have recently used it can answer! Here are some of their positive comments:

"Granted an in-person, out-of-state interview, I was informed that I would need to do a presentation as well. Being unfamiliar with their computer equipment, I felt uncomfortable doing a PowerPoint presentation. So, I began searching online for "job interview presentations" and came across your website (www.wintheview.com). It was exactly what I was looking for. It seemed that the samples answered many questions that the interviewers would have. While I also found other websites offering this type of presentation, they looked less professional, like they were trying to copy yours.

“I also wanted a website that could offer me topics/suggestions and one that would set me apart from the rest. As I started putting my presentation together on www.wintheview.com, I was surprised at how easy it was. With many helpful tools, such as action words and branding examples, I quickly finished and then submitted my presentation to Mimeo to have it professionally printed and bound. When it arrived a day later, I couldn't believe how great it looked. That week I’d spent putting my presentation together allowed me to look deeper into myself at the skills, experience, and knowledge that I offer a new employer. You get lost in day-to-day duties and don't realize how successful you really are.

“At my job interview/presentation I handed a copy to each interviewer, keeping one for myself. Then I walked through each page, expanding topics to keep it interesting for the interviewers. When finished, I received compliments from each one on such a professional presentation, and answered the few questions they had. The best part is that I was offered the job! WinTheView was a great learning experience, one that helped me feel more confident and gave me an "edge" on the competition. It does really work! Many thanks to Ken Diamond for providing support for this great service. "

--Laura R.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Thanks for the advice and, most importantly, for your WinTheView interview tool. For each interview I went on, the organization was extremely impressed with the idea of my presenting to the company exactly how I match up with the requirements of the position. On my last one, the interviewer said that out of the hundreds of people he has ever interviewed over the years, I was ‘a breath of fresh air and the most prepared he had ever seen.’ I got an offer letter soon after, and will be starting my position shortly as a Project Manager in the Print Services Division. I attribute this in part, to the WTV Presentation. Thanks again for your help.”

--Brendon N.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I have to tell you that WinTheView is one of the more innovative aids in job hunting that I've seen in a long time. We all learn in marketing that presentation is a significant part of selling anything. So why not "present" ourselves to prospective companies? I went through the process, produced the presentation and got the job. No, it wasn't just the presentation that got me the job. More likely it was the thought process through which WTV guided me. The entire site helped me distill my talents and skills into a marketable set of bullet points and talking points. That was really valuable to my prospective employer.

”You have to do the work to make the presentation successful, but I believe if you are qualified for the position and produce the WTV presentation deck with diligence and care, the process will increase your probability of receiving an offer.”

--Lou Ann

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“My WinTheView presentation blew away the hiring manager and the other influencers. The presentation became the interview. They could see exactly what I could do for them and how I fit. It really set me apart from the competition.”

--Director e-commerce Marketing at a major communications company.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Thank you for your support during my transition. It has allowed me to join a company that is positioned for profitable growth going forward and continue my career in the printing industry. Your WinTheView system was an important tool in my job search process that assisted me in selling my skills, abilities and strategies to move the business in the right direction. WTV is a great product and I am sure it will be a successful endeavor.”

--Mike D

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A career coach writes, “My clients are two for two [both case studies follow] in using WinTheView presentation materials! Thanks, Ken, for creating such a user-friendly, dynamic interviewing tool! I look forward to using it with many more clients. I am sold!”

Case #1 – “A network administrator had advanced to the third round of interviews with Force3 Technologies in the Baltimore, MD market. His assignment was to give a 15 minute presentation to a panel of decision-makers. WinTheView was the perfect fit! Through joint collaboration, using his professionally written résumé and the company job description, we created a powerful marketing document highlighting his accomplishments and interests.

“During his interview he presented each panel decision maker with a copy of his WinTheView presentation and walked them through it. The panelists were so impressed they offered him a job on the spot.”

Case #2 – “An IT Project Manager used WinTheView to supplement a day-long interview with Harrah’s Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas. He reviewed the free demo version available on your website and then we collaborated on additional points to create a more powerful document. Once he understood WTV’s advantages and customization features, he didn’t hesitate in making the full investment. When he wrapped up his marathon day of meetings, discussions, and reviews with the hiring manager, he handed her his WinTheView presentation for her review. The next day, he received a phone call with the job offer, informing him that the hiring manager was impressed with his thorough detail and professionalism in submitting WTV documents. She had never seen a candidate produce anything like it, which sealed the deal in helping her know that she was selecting the right candidate.”

--Beth Colley, CERW, Chesapeake Resume Writing Service

What if I have suggestions for improving the WTV tools?
WTV management welcomes and encourages your ideas for improving the program because you know it best. Please email kjdiamond@wintheview.com with your thoughts!

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