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Well written Follow-Up letters are important interview tools that can have tremendous value in supporting your candidacy and positioning you above the competition. Only 35 percent of candidates send notes following interviews. Perhaps more job hunters would send notes if they knew this: Thirty-six percent of hiring managers say follow-up notes always help a candidate's job prospects while another 42 percent say it could help when deciding between two or more qualified candidates. Only 22 percent say a follow-up letter is not important to the decision process.

The WinTheView Interview Follow-Up center will help you organize and write Follow-Up letters. It does this by enabling you to enter the names and contact information for the interviewers you want to write to and then helps you compose a well written letter to each interviewer. Once written the letter can be either emailed or printed and mailed.

Having used a WinTheView Interview Presentation you will be way ahead of your competition when it comes to the Follow-Up letter. When you follow-through, take these important steps:

Write the Follow-Up letter immediately: Once you return home, write the Follow-Through letter the same day as the interview. Being late with the letter can potentially reflect badly on you. Not sending a timely letter will undermine the prepared and professional WTV you delivered.

Follow-Up Letter

Refer to an incident that occurred in the interview:
Make reference to any small but pleasant incident (or subject matter) that might have occurred at the interview that will catch the interviewers' attention. This makes you stand out from the crowd and triggers memories of the interview. One possibility is to refer to your WTV which was probably very notable.

Write a letter to each interviewer:
Writing individual letters not only demonstrates your manners but also emphasizes your recognition of each individual. Address each interviewer independently, and write each letter differently. Consider the interviewers may share the letters with each other.

Refer to the company culture:
Employers like it when the candidate shows knowledgeable about company work ethics and culture. This helps eliminate any questions about your fitting in at the company.

Write in a positive tone:
Regardless of your thoughts or feelings about the interview, keep things positive. Use language that is as lively and professional.

Address Concerns:
If during an interview there were specific concerns raised about your candidacy, use your follow-up letter to respond to and overcome those concerns. Acknowledge the concerns and write about how you will address the concerns.

You're interviewing to be a sales executive for an international company and the job requires international sales experience. Although you're extremely well-qualified, the hiring manager is concerned you do not have enough international experience. Address the concern by talking about international travel you have done, any experience you have working with foreign vendors or how you would get quickly up to speed on international markets.

Highlight your expertise and qualifications:
Use your follow-up letter to highlight and reinforce your fit with the position requirements. Refer to both job requirements and personal characteristics that will make you successful in the position.

Make your letter brief and focused:
If the interview went well, just a brief thank you with a couple of highlights is all you need. If you have sold yourself well, stop selling. If there are some areas that need shoring up, the letter can be longer but try to stay within one page.

Email or letter?
This depends on company culture, the interview process and the individual preference of the interviewer(s). A high tech company would expect an email while a banking company may expect a letter. If the interview schedule is tight you may want to email rather than sending a letter so you letter gets there before the decision is made. If the interviews will be ongoing for a couple of weeks, you may want to send a letter. Neither way is wrong, the important part is that it is completed in a timely fashion with a well-written professional letter.


John Smith
General Manager
XYZ Pharmaceutical
232 Success Drive
Anywhere, NY 20010

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the role of Director, Product Development for XYX Pharmaceutical. I came away even more excited about the role as my qualifications and skills match up with the stated success requirements extremely well.

I was also pleased to learn more about Topical skin cream products and plans XYZ has to expand its presence in that market.

As mentioned in our meeting, I have a unique background covering research, product development and launch of OTC topical products. These products include both medical devices and semi-solids that cover the range of topical infection protection, wound healing products, skin protectants and topical analgesic products.

While at Powerhouse Pharma, I was involved in the due diligence process, approval stage, product launch and overall commercialization of the blockbuster topical cream products. These products grew to over 200 million dollars in revenue in three years. The products I was responsible for were successful on a global basis winning several awards for innovation in Europe. I look forward to achieving the same level of success leveraging this experience for XYZ Pharmaceutical.

During my tenure at Johnson and Johnson Consumer Company, I managed numerous teams and projects including both direct supervision and as a leader of matrix teams. This experience included leading technical teams composed of analytical chemistry, stability, manufacturing, microbiology, toxicology, regulatory sciences and clinical science, as well as management level teams with legal, regulatory, clinical and marketing colleagues.

In summary, I remain very interested in this exciting role and look forward to tweaking our action plan together. I will call you Thursday around 10am to schedule our next meeting.

Best regards,

Adam Jones
Product Development Professional

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