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Landing Your Dream Job

Interview Presentation

A great way to prepare and present yourself to nail the interview or use as a powerful "leave behind"

Online Career Portfolios

Build a powerful web page for networking or to compete for a specific career opportunity

Video Elevator Pitches

Script your networking message, record and publish to your online portfolio

Accomplishment Stories

Articulate how you will benefit the company by clearly communicating your measureable achievements

Follow Up Letters

Communicate your interest, unique qualifications and how you'll benefit the hiring organization

Resume Storage

A convenient, secure place to store your career documents

Get the Job

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Win The View is beneficial for a number of different groups.

Happy Customers

Read how Win The View has helped others succeed.

..Win The View is one of the more innovative aids in job hunting that I've seen in a long time. We all learn in marketing that presentation is a significant part of selling anything. So why not "present" ourselves to prospective companies?

I would recommend anyone who is going for a senior level position to invest the time to build the final presentation using this great tool. In my view, it is one more powerful weapon to help you stand out from your competition.

My interviews went very well yesterday. It was perfect because both of the interviews were very non-traditional and I did not get a chance to review my qualifications in a classic manner. So, it provided a logical opportunity for me to present the deck at the conclusion of the interviews. They were very impressed. One of them said that no one had ever done anything like this.

WinTheView gave me the competitive advantage that I needed to advance my career and transition into a new and challenging role. By moving through the WinTheView process, I was able to gain a better understanding of not only what the employer was looking for and how I met those needs, but most importantly how to better communicate this information during the interview.

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